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02/15/10 11:00 AM #1    

Denise Bullock

Welcome to the Brooke High School Class Of 1980 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/14/16 11:59 PM #2    


Cindy Jones (Wilkerson)

Hello?  Is there anybody out there?


02/15/16 07:45 AM #3    

Panteli (Pondeli) Hajioannou

Hey Cindy I am here.

I also have a facebook page under Pondeli Hajioannou.


02/15/16 08:40 AM #4    


Joseph Testa

Yep I am here also.  Joe

02/15/16 09:22 AM #5    

Vance Tucker

I'm here, too.

02/15/16 10:02 AM #6    


Cindy Jones (Wilkerson)

How r u all?  

02/15/16 11:06 AM #7    

Vance Tucker

Doing fine here.  There's an ice storm here in North Carolina, so I'm the only one in the office.  Nice and quiet.

02/15/16 12:57 PM #8    


Sandy Secrist (Lusk)

Hi Cindy Lou! It's been forever! How are you?!

02/15/16 08:46 PM #9    


Cindy Jones (Wilkerson)

All is fine here in Columbus, Ohio.  We have been in Columbus for over 25 years.  

02/16/16 07:39 AM #10    


Joseph Testa

I am just south of you in Pickaway County, been here since '92 when left the military.



02/17/16 11:14 PM #11    


James E Helton, Jr.

Hi everyone!  I'm computer stupied!  So here it goes.....  I'm in Kansas so give me a shoult out!   Jim

02/18/16 08:26 PM #12    


Cindy Jones (Wilkerson)

How have u been James?


02/20/16 12:10 AM #13    


James E Helton, Jr.

I'm doing Great!  I volinteer at the Salvation Army in Topeka, Kansas for the past 17 years!

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